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Anhydrous calcium chloride concentration complex chemical machinery developed drying machine
- Jan 19, 2017 -

It is understood that the 2007 soda in China with an annual output of 15 million tonnes, and about 8 tons of emissions per ton of soda ash is produced low concentrations of calcium chloride waste liquid. The waste to be processed into anhydrous calcium chloride products needs to evaporate moisture 88%-90%, consumption per ton of standard coal 1.414 tonnes, reduced drying costs up to 1100 Yuan, difficult to produce good economic returns. So many soda manufacturers gave up on wastewater treatment, will be discharged directly into the yard, forming huge "White Sea", has seriously polluted the environment, calcium chloride waste liquid treatment becomes a bottleneck restricting the development of soda industry.

Jiaozuo luode anhydrous calcium chloride concentration of chemical machinery drying machine, using synchronous reversed calcination technology of independent innovation, material from indirect heating to heat, in an airtight container will be waste water atomizing into countless micro-vapor, heat transfer and heat directly under the spray, continuous concentration, purification and drying. New technology to maximize energy efficiency, shortens the drying time (several minutes), significantly reduces the energy consumption and production cost, solves the General production concentrated in the metal container and dry material for the formation of severe pollution problems, but also solve the problem of serious corrosion of equipment and increase whiteness of the product, improves product quality. Anhydrous calcium chloride concentration and drying machine soda industry emissions of sewage directly into very economically high quality anhydrous calcium chloride.