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Anti strong acid and alkali glass lined reaction kettle
- Feb 26, 2017 -

Basic Info
Type:Reaction Kettle
Automatic Grade:Semi-Automatic
Capacity:50liter to 30000liter
Design Pressure:0.6 Mpa
Design Temperature:200 Degree C.
Heating Method:Steam or Electricity
Glass Layer Thickness:0.8 to 2.0mm
Glass Color:Blue
Anti Corrosion:Resist to Acid & Alkali
Application:Chemical and Parmaceutical Industries
Specification:Chinese standard
Origin:Wuxi China

Product Description
Glass lined reaction kettle is an ideal material for anti acid & alkali corrosion and its surface is very easy to Polish and no contamintion to mediums. It's widely used in Petrochemnicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, foodstuff, dyes, scientific research etc.
1. Glass lined reaction kettle capacity: 50 to 30000Liter
2. Structure: Open type (k-type) or closed type( F-type)
3. Material: Vessel: Mild steel with enamelled; Jacket: Mild steel.
4. Design pressure: Vessel: 0.2Mpa or 0.3Mpa or 0.4-0.6Mpa or 1.0Mpa
Jacket pressure: 0.6Mpa
5. Accessories: One complete set of glass lined reaction kettle generally with motor with Reducer, Seal (optional: Stuffing box, Single mechanical seal, Double mechanical seal ), Agitator, Thermometer pocket, bottom discharge Valve.
6. Properties and Advantages:
1) Corrosion resistance: Organic or inorganic acid, organic solvent and weak alkaline corrosion (not including hydrofluoric acid, containing fluorine medium, phosphoricacid, and alkali concentration greater -than 30% and temperature greater-than or equal 180 Degree Cent. )
2) Pressure resistance: A) with Packing box: Vessel: Less- than or equal 0.20MPa; Jacket: Less- than or equal 0.6MPa b) with Single Mechanical seal: Vessel: Equal or less than 0.30Mpa c) equal or less than 0.6Mpa.
3) Operation temperature: 0 to 200 Degrees Cent.
4) Glass layer thickness: 0.8 - 2.0mm
5) Cool shock: 110 Degrees Cent.
6) Thermo-shock: 120 Degrees Cent.
1. Temperature should be slowly changed while heating or cooling glass lined reaction kettle avoid damaging glass layer.
2. Glass lined reaction kettle can not be used in hydrofluoric acid, medium containing fluorine, phosphoric acid, and alkali concentration greater -than 30% and temperature greater-than or equal 180 Degree Cent. )

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