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Application of industry and materials for Corrosion-resistant storage tank and their use
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Corrosion-resistant storage tank is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy and transportation industries. In some cases, the use of corrosion-resistant storage tanks is also very necessary, because, if not used, then, can not work smoothly.

The corrosion-resistant tank material can be used as long as it is resistant to corrosion. The polyethylene, that is, PE, with corrosion resistance, no leakage and stripping, as well as wear and high temperature and other advantages, and can also withstand a certain pressure. So it is one of the available materials, used in corrosion-resistant storage tank, is completely no problem.

Corrosion-resistant storage tank mainly refers to the tank medium is inorganic acid, organic acids, alkali and hydroxide, as well as halogen-containing organic compounds, etc., can withstand their corrosion, no leakage or leakage problems.

Corrosion-resistant storage tank, which in the installation and use of the process, there are some aspects of attention:

(1) corrosion-resistant storage tank before transport, first to carry out the necessary inspection work, the seal is good. If it is full of chemical liquid, then, also need to use water for leak test, if there is no problem, then to transport, otherwise, can not be carried out.

(2) around the tank, there should be drainage trench, and dilution device. In the tank, should be set to overflow, to prevent liquid overflow. In addition, the tank into the liquid and discharge, if the flow is relatively large, then, should be installed in the exhaust hole to ensure the safety of operations.

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