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Application range and characteristics of rake dryer
- Sep 30, 2017 -

The rake dryer is ideal for drying heat-sensitive materials, materials that are easily oxidized at high temperatures, as well as materials that are easily kneaded during drying and the steam that must be recycled during drying. After drying, the material For the powder, so the finished product for the powder-like material is more applicable.

Rake dryer after its drying can be directly packaged in the use of no need to crush, such products of medicine, food, chemical and other industries the following materials are dry, very suitable for paste paste, powder material, Requires low temperature dry heat sensitive materials. Easy to oxidation, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials.

The dry matter in the rake dryer will be added directly from the top of the box, and the material will move back and forth axially with the stirring of the forward and reverse rotation of the rake, so that the surface in contact with the inner wall of the shell will be constantly updated, In the indirect heating by steam, the rake teeth of the uniform mixing, crushing rod crushing, so that the surface of the material more favorable discharge of water.

Rake dryer for materials: 100 mesh the following materials, pigments, mud head material soda ash detergent, alkali stone starch, dye pigments, clay and so on. Using sandwich and internal mixing at the same time heating, heat transfer surface, high thermal efficiency. Particularly suitable for dry heat-sensitive materials.

The rake dryer has the advantages of simple structure and small footprint, convenient and wide application time. The failure probability of the whole equipment is low and it is easy to be fully controlled by the inlet and outlet materials. The heating or cooling of the dryer needs to be carried out slowly. Should be based on the situation to take the appropriate rise and fall rate.

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