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Chinese-foreign cooperation in the construction of xilang wastewater treatment technology
- Jan 19, 2017 -

By the United States of geo-engineering company with a limited liability company in Guangzhou City wastewater treatment construction, total investment of approximately of 980 million Yuan the xilang sewage treatment system engineering project in Guangzhou recently declared fully operational. Guangzhou xilang wastewater treatment plant is the first public-private partnership (PPP) model of delivery of a wastewater treatment plant, sewer system of Guangzhou City, will mainly deal with municipal waste water, but also part of industrial wastewater from fangcun district.

After entering the treatment plant sewage, first through the grille to remove large solid waste such as plastic bags and stones, through grit removal 80% of sludge, sand and other solids. Biological denitrification and phosphorus removal process is controlled by computer, the principle is to use the blower to blow into the fine air bubble and react of activated sludge microorganisms in wastewater, removal of residual organic contaminants in sewage. The byproduct of this process such as sludge, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are harmless. The next process will effectively remove the sludge generated in the previous phase.