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Classification requirements and temperature resistance of Tube condenser
- Sep 28, 2017 -

The tube condenser has a certain corrosion resistance during operation, and its polypropylene has excellent chemical resistance when used. When used, Oxide, almost until 100 degrees are no damage to its role.

The tube condenser is almost insoluble in all solvents at room temperature. Under normal circumstances, the alcohol, aldehyde, alkane, diameter, ketone and other media can be used, the equipment in the cylindrical shell will be equipped with a lot of parallel pipe composition Tube, through its heat exchange to the solvent vapor condensation equipment, there will be horizontal and vertical two.

If the condenser can be divided into stainless steel tube type condenser, carbon steel tube type condenser and stainless steel mixed tube type condenser in accordance with its material, if the equipment can be divided into fixed pipe plate type, U type Tube heat exchanger, floating head tube condenser, according to its structure can be divided into single-tube, double-pipe and multi-tube.

The tube condenser can be customized according to the needs of its users in the process of customization. It is very suitable for metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry, chemical fiber and other industries. Equipment,especially suitable for the condenser.

The overall layout of the tube condenser is relatively simple and easy to make, in the process of cleaning is very convenient, the whole product adaptability, the unit volume has a large heat transfer area and good heat transfer and so on.

Tube condenser condenser work process, non-toxic: no scaling, no pollution of the media, can also be used for the food industry; product temperature is good, polypropylene plastic melting point of 164-174 ℃, which is usually used up to 110 -125 ℃; 3, light weight: the equipment installation is very convenient.

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