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CNOOC Jincheng coal chemical unveiled plans to build the country's largest urea project
- Jan 19, 2017 -

New company with registered capital of 800 million Yuan, China chemical invested 600 million Yuan (75%), invested 200 million yuan in Jincheng (25%), the parties have first capital injection. Main business direction of the company is setting up high-tech clean environment-friendly coal-chemical industry base, fertilizer and chemical product development, production, sales and import and export trade of raw materials and the provision of technical services.

At present, sea Jincheng chemicals company was promptly developed the latest in production technology of coal chemical industry and build a country's largest project of 1 million tons of urea (600,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, urea/year 1 million tons/year), plans to break ground next year. The Preparatory Working Group for the project has been stationed in Jincheng city, Jincheng City Government and the development and reform, land, environmental protection, water conservancy, planning consultations, power supply and other sectors to implement step by step the coal, water, electricity and other vital resources and cooperation agreements, the company location, transportation, railroad planning, environmental protection, company registration and project-related issues.