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External Coil Heating Reaction Kettle Working Principle And Characteristics
- May 17, 2017 -

The external coil heating reactor has the characteristics of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygienic, no environmental pollution, no boiler automatic heating, easy to use and so on. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, agriculture, rubber, medicine, food, dyes used to complete the vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, is to participate in the reaction of the material mixture of the premise of heating, cooling and liquid extraction and gas absorption physical processes require mixing device to to get good results, and for customers to design, processing external coil reaction kettle.

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The working principle of the outer coil heating reactor

The reactor kettle has a discharge hole in the lower part of the kettle body, an agitator is arranged in the reactor, and the reactor cover has a pipe hole for feeding, stirring, observation, measuring temperature, measuring pressure, steaming fractionation and safe venting. Heating coil on the open into the row of oil (steam), temperature, vent and other take over the hole, through the steam, heat oil, water to achieve heating or cooling. According to the material production requirements and user needs to determine the pressure, temperature, material, mixing device type, speed, sealing structure, heating methods, such as design and manufacture. The variety of reactor specifications, pressure 10MPa out, the volume of 0.1-10 cubic range.

The characteristics of the outer coil heating reactor

1. Spiral outer half tube design, reduce the reactor body wall thickness, improve the kettle body bearing pressure capacity. (The wall thickness of the kettle body and the lower head is 37.5% and 50% thiner than the wall thickness of the jacket) is beneficial to improve the heat transfer efficiency. (It can improve the heat coefficient, but also reduce the thermal resistance)

2. Suitable for cooling process.

3. Can improve the flow rate of media in the coil, high-speed flow of the media can effectively prevent the inner surface of the jacket fouling.

4. Save energy consumption and reduce investment.

5. Reduce the overall diameter of the reactor body, which is conducive to the layout of the workshop.

6. Save steel, the entire outer coil reactor production process than the ordinary jacket reactor complex, slightly increase the reactor manufacturer's labor costs.

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