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Friends space V4.0 release blockbuster released the lead medium and large organizations of social collaboration platform
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Beijing, January 14, 2017?? Today, the Asia-Pacific regional head of business management software, business Internet services and corporate financial services provider UF (Group), in the "2017 the UF partners Conference" Grand announced that space released V4.0 version, leads the large organization of social cooperation fair.

Agglutination UF nearly 30 years in the business services category build-up and accumulation, the space will serve as the UF unity group of friends business entry to help medium and large enterprises and organizations break organizational barriers, implement social communication and sharing, promoted collaboration with the efficiency and organization of energy, which in the era of cloud services for businesses from synergy within the Organization to community-level cooperation.

Are from era to era of innovation for enterprise development, Internet skills make the corporate boundary, resources, operating elements, assets produced great changes, social collaboration is as a transformation into the class key, enterprises therefore need new management and business models, traditional in-house management development internal staff, coordination of external cooperation partner and customer community-level trade management. V4.0 version it is against this background of friends goes up.