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Heat - conducting Oil Heating Reactor
- Jul 29, 2017 -

The so-called heat-conducting oil heating reactor, has been able to play the role of heating, mainly due to the heating chamber in the reactor inside, we can add thermal oil to heat. In the actual work, we can install the reactor sales to add the appropriate amount of heat transfer oil. And then with the steam boiler to provide steam, which can be heated for the heating oil.

In this process, we can understand that the use of the heat transfer oil is mainly able to achieve the effect of constant temperature. Under normal circumstances, the Heat-conducting oil heating reaction kettle is made of 1Cr18Nl19Ti stainless steel plate made of. The type of mixing used can be divided into five kinds, namely, pulp, anchor, worm, propulsion and frame. The main feature of the device is the small investment, simple operation.

For the user, in the actual use of the time, the heat-conducting oil heating reaction vessel can also be in the electric pole with the help of direct heating in the jacket within the heat transfer oil. In this way, in the process of heating, you can in a short time to reach a higher temperature, heating rate faster, and the whole process is relatively clean and sanitary, will not produce pollution can not wait.

So, do you know how the heat-conducting oil heating reactor is working? In fact, the device first through the electric heating rod to the jacket inside the heat conduction oil heating, so that the temperature increase, when the required temperature, and then use the temperature heating bar to keep the power to maintain constant temperature.

Compared with the traditional type of equipment, the heat-conducting oil heating reactor showed a lot of irreplaceable advantages, which can ensure that the whole process in the sealed state, which can play a very good protection. In addition, the heat conduction oil heating reactor can also be used in some toxic, flammable, explosive and other dangerous situations.

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