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Heat-conducting Oil Heating Reactor Classification and Application
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Heat-conducting oil heating reactor is because the heating chamber in the reactor can be added inside the heating oil to heat. According to your reactor size in the sandwich to add the right amount of heat transfer oil, and then through a steam boiler to provide steam heating reactor interlayer in the heat transfer oil.Heat-conducting oil heating reactor is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, pesticide, fuel, medicine, food and other industries.

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Heat-conducting oil heating reactor made of stainless steel plate, the form of mixing generally have anchor, slurry, worm type, propulsion or frame, is a less investment, easy operation, the use of electric heating rods directly in the jacket within the heat transfer oil Heating, heating temperature is high. With rapid heating, high temperature, corrosion resistance, health, no background pollution, the use of convenient and unique places. The working principle is: heating the inside of the jacket with a hot rod heat transfer oil, so that the temperature of the heat conduction oil rose to the required temperature, and then the temperature heating bar to make it constant temperature. Widely used in medical drugs, chemicals, food, naturally produced condiments, food additives, light industry and other industries.

The main feature of the heat-conducting oil heating reactor is the static seal to replace the traditional packing seal and mechanical seal, so that the whole reactor in the sealed state of work. Therefore, it is more suitable for a variety of toxic, flammable, explosive and other highly permeable chemical medium stirring reaction, petrochemical, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical, food and other processes for curing, fluoride, hydrogenation, oxidation The most ideal reaction equipment. The equipment according to the material corrosion performance, choose different metal or non-metallic anti-corrosion materials, to prevent the reaction of the material on the kettle body corrosion. In the material can be processed pure stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, pure nickel, Hastelloy, zirconium, tantalum and other precious non-ferrous metals or spray PTFE, Teflon and so on.

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