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Heat Transfer Medium And Structure Principle of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Spiral plate heat exchanger is a very new type of heat transfer equipment, in the course of the use of its heat transfer efficiency and equipment, high stability, in the course of the process can work with multiple devices, spiral plate heat transfer The main machine is made of two rolls, which will form two uniform spiral channel.

Spiral plate heat exchangers two kinds of heat transfer medium is able to carry out the whole countercurrent flow, in the course of the process can greatly enhance the heat transfer effect, the equipment even two small temperature difference medium, in the course of the operation can also be achieved Its ideal heat transfer effect.

Spiral plate heat exchangers in the shell to take the use of its tangential structure, the use of its local resistance is small, in use because of its spiral channel curvature is uniform, the liquid flow in the device without a large turn , The overall resistance is small.

Spiral-plate heat exchanger can improve the design flow rate to have a higher heat transfer capacity, the equipment side of the channel is the use of its welding seal, in use and therefore has a relatively high sealing, the structure of the equipment principle and non-removable heat transfer The device is basically the same.

Spiral plate type heat exchanger temperature and the amount of pressure in the use of the process can be effectively in accordance with its pressure vessel tubing regulations, in the selection of the equipment, should be effective through its appropriate process to calculate the equipment channel Of the fluid reaches a turbulent state.

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