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High-speed and High quality reaction kettle
- Mar 24, 2017 -

Reaction Kettle Basic Info

Voltage: 380V

Capacity: 100-20000L

Agitator: Emulsifier, Homogenizer, Scraper

Trademark: Hengnuo

Specification: 100-5000L

Type: Mixer

Customized: Non-Customized

Material: Ss304 or Ss316L

Tank Structure: Can Be Design

Origin: Wuxi China

Reaction kettle Product Description
1. Materials: Sus304, sus316, sus316L
2. Capacity: 100L-5000L
3. Polished inside outside
4. Surface finishes: Can be mirror polished, machinery polished or matt
5. Usage: It is the reaction kettle for substances, such as protein, fat, amino acid, peptide, sugar
6. Working principle: After thermal reaction under high temperature, to produce the substances
full of strong and intense fragrance of cooked meat.
7. And it is the equipment specially for producing
the substances full of fragrance of cooked meat. It can be used as an autoclave or as a small
preparation tank.
8. MOQ: Can be one set for trial order

The products could be applied in food, beverage, Pharmacy, chemical industry etc.

We can design and manufacture according to user's process requirements

 container is used in pharmacy, chemical project, fine chemicals and composed chemical industry. The material adopts SUS304 or SUS316L. The pot body has jacket, and the jacket structure is of standard jacket, outer circular pipe jacket and Milo plate honey net jacket to be closed. It can be heated or cooled, inner surface adopts mirror polish, no dead angle, and closed design to ensure material in asepsis condition. The conic tip processed by spinning pressure, up to GMP standard. The agitator adopts sanitary mechanical seal, container insulation adopts polyurethane or alumina silicate, joint adopts ISO standard quick open clamp, sanitary and easy, transferring sledge processed by spinning pressure, outer surface adopts polish, sand-blast, dull polish or cold original color subtopics, so to show the good quality of containers in every occasion. The machine equips with asepsis respirator, CIP cleaning spray tip, sight glass, and flange quick open manhole.

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