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High quality Electric Heating Reaction Kettle
- Mar 24, 2017 -

Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Basic Info.


Tank Marerial:as Per Request


Variety:Stainless Steel Reaction Kettle
Working Pressure:The Atmospheric Pressu
Working Temperature:Room Temperature
Specification:Volume: 6300L
Origin:Wuxi China


Product Description

Equipment is mainly composed of tanks, jacket, mixing system of three parts.

1, the material of the stainless steel reaction kettle, the parts contacted with material using high-quality stainless steel, such as 304 or 316 l accords with GMP standard.

2, the reaction kettle forms multi-purpose anchor the mixer impeller stirring, ensure material and in a short time; At the same time, can choose according to need box type, anchor, plasma type, etc

Level 3, the reaction kettle seal USES health/packing seal, mechanical seal can ensure that the tank pressure and prevent tank material leakage and cause unnecessary pollution;

4, fast reaction kettle interface USES the iso standard clamp, convenient health; Equipped with aseptic respirator, cip cleaning nozzle, sight glasses, health quick-opening manhole flange, etc

5, the surface treatment of the stainless steel reaction kettle: inner surface USES the mirror polishing, to ensure that no health dead Angle, totally enclosed design ensure remain the state of aseptic materials, surface sandblasting, grinding, cold-rolled primary inferior smooth processing.

6, the reaction kettle heating cooling way: heating mode optional steam, electric heating, heat conduction oil, to meet the acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to abrasion and corrosion resistance of different working conditions, such as process needs.

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