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Jacketed Reactor Working Principle
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Speaking of the reactor, I believe the chemical industry friends will not feel strange. In fact, the reactor is a very common chemical reaction in the production of the main reaction equipment. In practical applications, we can according to the specific reaction conditions and other requirements of the reactor structure and configuration of the corresponding design. So what do you know about the jacketed reactor?

Obviously, under different working conditions, we need to choose a different reactor to meet the requirements. Under certain conditions, we need to use the jacketed reactor, and with its help to complete the pre-set reaction steps, the entire reaction process temperature, pressure and other important parameters for strict control. In different work requirements, we also need to choose a different heating method. 

From the application point of view, when use the jacketed reactor, with the use of heating methods are mainly electric heating, hot water, steam, heat oil and other heating. However, in some cases, we will put forward specific requirements, such as the size of electric heating shall not exceed 3000L, you can directly insert the bottom of the heating wire heating. While the steam heating speed is faster, but the volume should not exceed 200L, heating temperature can reach about 150 degrees.

In contrast, in these different heating methods, if the use of thermal oil heating method, then you can achieve a higher temperature, the range of 130-280 degrees. So, do you know what the working principle of the jacketed reactor is? In fact, in the inner layer can be stirred reaction, in the sandwich can be connected to a different cold and heat sources, so as to carry out the cycle of heating or cooling reaction. 

In other words, we can use the jacketed reactor sandwich, adding a certain amount of high temperature hot media or low temperature cooling medium, in order to achieve its internal material heating or cooling effect. In addition, the stirring reaction may be carried out as required, and the evaporation and refluxing of the reaction solution may be controlled.

jacketed reactor

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