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Lack of energy saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise development personnel bottlenecks
- Jan 19, 2017 -

It is understood that, with the growing emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, raising more capital to the energy-saving emission reduction technology research and equipment put in the field, and in the past few years, resulting in a large number of leading-edge energy-saving environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises. But been put into industrial production technologies and equipment, but no more supported by marketing professionals, resulting in "the Emperor's daughter also worry about marrying". At the West Lake Expo held in Hangzhou, reporters contacted more than 10 energy-saving environmental protection Enterprise bosses have the same anxiety and frustration.

Energy-saving environmental protection equipment manufacturing leader, General Manager of Hangzhou environmental protection science and technology said totally immersed, for energy conservation and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, scientific research and technology, production and sales, every link should pay attention to, with good technology is the precondition, formed after the industrial production, how to market the product, is even more crucial. To open the market of such equipment, need to do more ground-breaking work. This is talent hard to find one of the most important causes of this type of marketing. Totally immersed at the same time stressed that because of marketing the barriers to entry are relatively high, but also more challenging, also have a higher rate of return. And the industry in the long run, be quite optimistic about the future of the market.