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New structure requirements and technological process of multi-function extraction tank
- Oct 06, 2017 -

Multi-function extraction tank is very suitable for the use of traditional Chinese medicine, food, chemical industry, atmospheric pressure, micro-pressure, decoction, warm dip, heat reflux and so on, multi-function extraction tank high efficiency and easy operation , The equipment can be based on its different configurations, can be multi-functional extraction, aromatic oil separation.

Multi-function extraction tank in the production process is mainly by the defolator, condensate cooler, extraction tank and oil and water separator and other components, the equipment used SUS304 material, and the material contact surface are mirror polished, in line with GMP standards.

The scope of multi-function extraction tank is very wide, in the use of their materials can be different, both water, but also alcohol; both atmospheric extraction, but also positive pressure extraction. The equipment used in liquid agitation form, effectively avoid the precipitation of starch in the material, the clarity of the extract is good, for the purification process to create favorable conditions.

Multi-function extraction tank in the oil and water separator is the use of a new structure, in the use of the manual does not require its manual operation, so that it can automatically and continuously oil and water separation of the plant because of the different extraction process, will have been processed Chinese herbal medicine From the feed port into the tank and add the solvent, into the sandwich into the steam, when the liquid tank boiling, reducing the amount of steam into the sandwich, keep the tank liquid in a slightly boiling state.

Multi-function extraction tank at the same time start the liquid pump for liquid mixing. To improve the solvent and drug concentration gradient, to speed up the extraction rate. At the time of extraction, the juice produced by the solvent is condensed and cooled by the defoamer into the condensing cooler. The condensed liquid is separated into the oil-water separator to separate the aromatic oil. The separated condensate enters the extraction tank and the extraction is continued.

Multi-function extraction tank will be effective according to its requirements of the process to install the equipment, which can effectively ensure that the equipment of the vertical, the ear and the platform with bolts should be solid and reliable connection; the pipeline is neat and beautiful, There must be no leakage.

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