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Performance and Characteristics of Scraper Thin Film Evaporator
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Scraper thin film evaporator in the course of the use of its centrifugal sliding groove rotor, this device is the latest structure of the current evaporator, scraper thin film evaporator in the case of very small flow can also form a thin film.

Scraper film evaporator in the operation of its heat transfer coefficient is relatively high and evaporation capacity, equipment, the evaporation intensity can effectively reach 200kg / m2 • hr, the equipment of high thermal efficiency, material heating time is short, can be 5 seconds To 10 seconds, and under vacuum conditions, the heat-sensitive materials more favorable.

Scraper film evaporator to adapt to the viscosity of a wide range of changes in high and low viscosity of the material can be processed, the viscosity of the material can effectively reach 100,000 cps, change the scraper groove rotation direction, you can adjust the material in the evaporator Time.

Scraper type thin film evaporator in the evaporation section of the cylinder wall through its precise boring and polishing treatment, the surface of the equipment is not easy to produce coking and scaling, the equipment in the process of operation is very convenient and easy adjustment of product indicators, In the closed conditions, you can control the continuous production.

Scraper thin-film evaporator covers an area of small, the entire device structure is simple, easy maintenance of equipment and easy to clean, the material vaporization gas is sent directly from the heating surface to the external condenser, the use of the process there will be a certain Of the pressure difference, under normal circumstances the pressure in the evaporator will usually be relatively high.

The scraper film evaporator can be maintained at a relatively high vacuum during the evaporation process, and the boiling point of the corresponding amount of material is rapidly reduced due to its increased vacuum, so that the operation can be carried out at a lower temperature, Reduced thermal decomposition of the product.

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