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Shell-and-Tube Exchanger Structural Design
- Aug 12, 2017 -

With the rapid development of science and technology today, the heat exchanger has been widely used in various production areas, heat exchanger is closely related with people's lives. Heat exchanger is the name suggests is used to heat exchange of mechanical equipment, the heat can be transferred from one medium to another medium, in various fields have a wide range of applications. Especially in the chemical, transportation, machinery, energy, refrigeration, air conditioning and other fields more widely.
Heat exchanger can make full use of industrial secondary energy, and can achieve waste heat recovery and energy saving. Heat exchanger is divided into many types, shell-and-tube exchanger is a very common one. The shell-and-tube exchanger consists of a housing and a tube bundle containing a plurality of tubes, and a heat exchanger that exchanges heat between the hot and cold fluids through the pipe wall. Common working pressures up to 4 MPa, operating temperatures below 200 degrees Celsius, and higher pressures and temperatures in individual cases. The general shell diameter is below 1800 mm, the length of the pipe is less than 9 meters, and in some cases there is greater or longer.

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Shell-and-tube exchanger is the tube and tube plate connection, and then fixed with the shell. According to the type of media, pressure, temperature, dirt and other conditions, the tube board and the shell of the various structural features, the shape and heat transfer tube heat transfer conditions, cost, maintenance inspection, etc. to choose to design and manufacture a variety of shell-and-tube exchanger.

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