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Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger
- Jul 29, 2017 -

I do not know whether we have heard of shell and tube heat exchanger, in fact, in the field of heat exchanger for the device to play a very important role. The device by virtue of its many characteristics and advantages, has been a lot of users love. First of all, shell and tube heat exchanger equipment structure is very strong, and can use different materials, and therefore has a strong adaptability.

From the current application of the situation to analyze, in fact, shell and tube heat exchanger has been in many different industries which have been a good application effect. All along, the equipment in the work can maintain a more stable and reliable performance, especially in the steel products in the structure more dominant. It can be said that its heat exchanger in the production and use of the number has been a leading position.

With the progress of technology and development, and now the shell and tube heat exchanger in many ways also have different degrees of upgrading, especially in the heat transfer performance has been significantly improved. However, in the actual work, because the structure of the device itself is more complex, coupled with the diversification of production conditions, so in the application sometimes there will be a local heat exchanger failure, serious, and even the overall retirement Case.

So what parts of the tube and shell heat exchanger mainly include? Normally, the main components included in the equipment are: barrel, pipe, pipe baffle, tube bundle, tube plate, head and flange. In the course of the operation, due to the situation is different, so there may be the form of failure is not the same.

However, from the structural aspects of the shell tube heat exchanger to analyze, then the connection between the various components is usually more prone to failure problems, such as pipe and tube board connection. Therefore, we need to use the product according to working conditions.

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