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Shell and tube heat exchanger in the form
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Shell and tube heat exchanger in the form of roughly divided into: fixed tube plate heat exchanger, floating head heat exchanger, U tube heat exchanger.
1. Fixed tube plate heat exchanger
Fixed tube plate heat exchanger at both ends of the tube plate, the use of welding method and the shell connection fixed. This heat exchanger structure is simple, high pressure. As the two tubesheet and the heat transfer tube support each other, compared with other shell-and-tube heat exchanger, the tube board is the thinnest, not only low cost and the inside of each tube can be cleaned.
2. Floating head heat exchanger
Floating head heat exchanger for the fixed tube plate heat exchanger defects in the structure of the improvement, both ends of the tube plate only one end of the tube plate and the shell fixed, and the other end of the tube can be free to move within the shell, the end For the ax. Such heat exchanger shell and tube bundle on the expansion is free, so when the two medium temperature difference between the tube and the shell does not produce temperature difference between the stress. Floating head designed to be removable structure, so that the tube can be easily drawn into or out, so for maintenance, cleaning provides a convenient. Single structure is more complex, and floating head operation is unable to know the discharge situation, so the installation should pay special attention to its sealing restrictions.
3. U tube heat exchanger
U tube heat exchanger only a tube plate. It is the tube bent into a U-shaped tube, both ends of the tube fixed on the same tube plate. Due to the separation of the shell and the tube, the tube bundle can be freely extended and contracted, and the thermal stress is not generated due to the temperature difference between the pipe wall and the shell wall, and the thermal compensation performance is good. Pipeline for the double tube process, the process is longer, higher flow rate, good heat transfer performance, pressure capacity. Generally used in the case of high temperature and pressure.

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