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Single and Multiple Stainless Steel Tubular Condenser Arrangement Requirements
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Stainless steel tubular condenser is a stainless steel made of condensing equipment, in addition to the correct use can make its function to the extreme, do not forget the layout of the equipment location can not be ignored. In different requirements and conditions, stainless steel tubular condenser should be strictly in accordance with the standard layout, to achieve the desired state.

If it is a single non-stainless steel tubular condenser, it should be arranged in the device at the minimum frequency of the wind direction of the wind side; on this basis should also be arranged at the top of the main gallery, the top of the framework or the principle of the top of the tower , So that the cooling effect of stainless steel tubular condenser can also be given full play.

Stainless steel tubular condenser

It must be borne in mind that stainless steel tubular condenser can not be set at an operating temperature equal to or higher than the material spontaneous combustion point and transported to the top of the storage of liquefied hydrocarbon equipment; if unavoidable, the corresponding baffle isolation should be taken for non-combustible materials Protection, to ensure the safety of equipment used.

In the case of multiple stainless steel tubular condenser at the same time set, the layout requirements even more stringent, first of all, more stainless steel tubular condenser arranged together when the requirements to ensure that the layout of the same form, as far as possible in a row layout, And to avoid a part of the layout and the other part of the arrangement of rows.

For the two stainless steel tubular condenser arranged side by side, they should also maintain a certain distance, the spacing should be less than 3m. In addition, there are some details of the layout need to pay attention, for example, stainless steel tubular condenser at both ends of the tube and transmission machinery should be set up platform; and in the stainless steel tubular condenser condenser or corridor side of the ground should be Leaving the necessary metal hose compensator to repair the site and the channel, for the latter part of the maintenance to facilitate.

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