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Stainless Steel Herbal Extraction Tank
- Jul 29, 2017 -

In different work occasions, we can choose according to the actual needs of different types of herbal extraction tank. For the present situation, the main structure of the extraction tank equipment are: straight conical extracting tank, mushroom extracting tank and straight cylindrical extracting tank. In contrast, the form of the straight cone type extraction tank structure is the most common.

In fact, herbal extracting tank can be applied to static extraction work, or can also be in accordance with the actual production process needs, and the use of dynamic mixing with the mixer. Of course, the user can also consider according to their own situation is to choose the whole system, or buy a main tank. In the whole system, it includes different parts, each part has a different role and characteristics.

First of all, we come to tell you about the structure and characteristics of the main tank in the stainless steel herbal extraction tank system. The main tank body with a jacket and insulation function, the top is equipped with a hole, the bottom of the cylinder control slag gate switch. Which can significantly reduce the labor intensity, for the user to bring convenience.

The second important component of the stainless steel herbal extracting tank system is the trap, whose main function is to eliminate the foam produced during the decoction. In addition, it can also avoid the drug flow in the dregs into the condenser. The main role of the condenser is the liquid vapor for condensation and alcohol recovery, the cooler is mainly on the condensate and solvent cooling treatment.

In addition to the several parts described above, oil and water separators, gas-liquid separators, and agitators are included in the herbal extraction tank system. One of the agitator is mainly to play a stirring effect, can make the effective components of the extracted solid material to be uniform heating to ensure the efficacy of boiling, but also for the slag to provide a convenient.

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