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The Characteristics of Tubular Condenser
- Aug 24, 2017 -

From the market point of view, the tubular condenser includes several different types. If it is classified according to the different materials, then the main can be divided into three, namely carbon steel tubular condenser, stainless steel tubular condenser and carbon steel and stainless steel mixed tubular condenser. In addition, we can also be classified according to the structure, mainly divided into single-tube, dual-tube and multi-tube.

tubular condenser

If the classification is done in different ways, then the tubular condenser can be divided into three types, namely, fixed tube plate, floating head and U-tube heat exchanger. Under normal circumstances, its heat transfer area can be designed for 0.5-500 square meters. If the user has special needs, then you can also customize the actual situation. From now on, the product is mainly used in chemical, light industry, metallurgy and other industrial fields.

In these different areas, the main role of the tubular condenser is to act as a heat exchanger for different purposes, such as we can use it as a condenser to replace the traditional use of stainless steel, enamel, glass condenser. In contrast, its effect is very obvious.

The tubular condenser mainly shows the four characteristics, you know what is it? The first feature is that it has good corrosion resistance, because it uses raw materials for polypropylene, which can effectively avoid from the acid, alkali, salt solution and other materials of the invasion. The second point is good temperature performance, usually, the working temperature of up to 110-125 ℃.

The characteristics of the three is safe and non-toxic, in practice, this tubular condenser will not structure, and will not cause pollution of the media, it can be applied to the food industry. While the characteristics of four is light weight, so the installation and maintenance of the time are more convenient.

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