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The Development of Wine Fermentation Tanks
- Aug 25, 2017 -

If you have an understanding of this, then you will know that in the current market, we can see a variety of different shapes of wine fermentation tanks. In fact, for a long period of time, the wine fermentation tanks has experienced a clay jar, stone fermentation tank and concrete fermentation tank. And now widely used is the stainless steel wine fermentation tanks.

It is clear that in modern society we have used more types of wine fermentation tanks than before. Speaking of here, do not know if you have thought, why would so many different shapes, sizes and materials of the fermentation tank? Such as what we call stainless steel fermenters, oak barrels, or concrete fermentors. In fact, during the Loa period, people have begun to use clay pots to ferment the wine.

wine fermentation tanks

Then with the development of society, wine fermentation tanks is also undergoing a series of changes. Until today, we can almost any wine in any place to find stainless steel fermentation tank. And in order to more precisely control the fermentation process of wine, so we will design a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the different requirements.

There are also new varieties of wine fermentation tanks in the market, such as the recent popularity of a horizontal rotary fermentor is very popular. Compared to other fermentors, it has some special features because it can prevent the extraction of wine in the color, tannin and flavor when the pressure cap or pump the juice.

In fact, if you are using a stainless steel fermentation tank, then it can not only be used for fermentation, but also can be used for some of the wine maturity, cold stability and pre-bottling operations. In general, a variety of different wine fermentation tanks provide us with more choices, but also make the wine to play its own best features.

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