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The operating temperature and evaporation intensity of the scraper film evaporator
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The scraper film evaporator is a new kind of evaporator with strong adaptability, which is suitable for high viscosity, heat sensitive and easily scaling materials. In the operation process, the temperature is low. The scraper film evaporator will make the evaporation process be maintained at higher vacuum conditions.

Because of the increase of the vacuum degree, the boiling point of the corresponding material will be reduced, the operation process can be carried out at lower temperature, which will reduce the thermal decomposition of the product, and the heating time of the whole equipment is short.

Because of the unique structure of the scraper film evaporator, the scraper has a pumping function, which makes the material stay in the evaporator very short. Because of the high speed turbulence of the thin film on the heated evaporator, the product will not be detained on the surface of the evaporator. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the evaporation of heat-sensitive materials.

The evaporation intensity of the scraper film evaporator is high. The boiling point of the material is reduced, the temperature difference of the same hot medium is increased, the liquid film thickness of the turbulent state is reduced, and the thermal resistance is reduced. At the same time, it restrains the materials from material attachment and scale formation with good heat exchange. Therefore, the overall heat transfer coefficient of the scraper film evaporator is increased.

The operation flexibility of the scraper film evaporator is large. The scraper film evaporator is suitable for handling materials with heat sensitivity, requiring smooth evaporation high viscosity and increasing viscosity with concentration. It can also be successfully applied to the evaporation and distillation of materials with solid particles, crystallization, polymerization, scale formation and other conditions.

The material of the scraper film evaporator enters the horizontal evaporator from the large diameter end, and is accelerated and distributed by the scraped diaphragm and immediately forms a thin fluid membrane on the heating surface. The incoming material ensures that the heating surface is sufficiently wet and does not depend on the evaporation ratio or charging rate.

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