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The operating temperature and use characteristics of spiral plate heat exchanger
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Spiral plate heat exchanger in the use of its high heat transfer efficiency, under normal circumstances the heat transfer efficiency of the device for the tube-type heat exchanger 1-3 times, there is no single-channel cross-section flow dead zone, And the interference of the spiral channel to the flow reduces the critical Reynolds number of the fluid, and the heat transfer coefficient of the spiral plate heat exchanger is up to 3000W / (㎡.K).

Spiral plate heat exchanger in the operation can effectively recover low-temperature heat, in the production is mainly made by two rolling, the waste heat recovery, make full use of low-temperature heat, the entire equipment running reliability, non-removable spiral plate heat exchanger spiral channel of the end of the use of welding seal, which has a high sealing to ensure that the two working media are not mixed.

Spiral plate heat exchanger in the use of small resistance, the shell on the takeover when the use of tangential structure, relatively low pressure loss, in dealing with large-capacity steam or gas, in the course of the use of self-cleaning ability , Because of its medium was spiral flow, dirt is not easy to deposit; easy to clean, available steam or alkali rinse, simple, suitable for installation of cleaning devices.

Spiral plate heat exchangers can be used in multiple combinations, a single device can not meet the requirements, can be used in multiple combinations, but the combination must meet the following requirements: parallel combination, series combination, equipment and channel spacing the same. Mixing combination: a channel in parallel, a channel in series.

Spiral plate heat exchanger allows the operating temperature of its carbon steel t = 0 - + 350 ℃. Stainless steel acid t = -40-500 ℃, the temperature rise of its equipment and the range of pressure is effective in accordance with the relevant provisions of its pressure vessel, in the selection of the equipment should be calculated through the appropriate process, so that equipment channel Of the fluid reaches a turbulent state.

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