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The types and adiabatic effect of the liquid storage tank
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The low temperature liquid storage tank is a hot product in recent years. The  sales of the liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid oxygen and LNG natural gas increase greatly, so the create profit of oxygenerator by-product is very considerable, which has become an important part of non-steel products income of steel enterprise. The production, storage and transportation of cryogenic liquids cannot be separated from the insulated storage tanks, which are installed and used in large quantities.

The adiabatic heat preservation tank in liquid storage tank is divided into vacuum powder adiabatic type and atmospheric powder thermal insulation type. The powder insulation mainly uses the powder, fiber and foam material with low thermal conductivity to reduce heat transfer in two forms: One is applied ordinary powder adiabatic ( accumulation heat insulation ) at atmospheric pressure, the adiabatic layer is thicker, and the dry nitrogen maintains positive pressure to prevent moisture from entering and condensing, the minimum can be applied to the liquid nitrogen temperature. Another kind of vacuum powder insulation, that is to fill powder space vacuum, reduce the gas heat transfer. At the same time, powder particles also weaken radiation heat transfer to make the adiabatic effect better.

The vacuum powder tank of liquid storage tank is double-layer structure. Its inner cylinder and piping are made of austenitic stainless steel. The hull is made of  carbon steel. At the same time, set up the specially treated adsorbent and a high vacuum degree ( 0.5 ~ 6Pa ) is obtained. The capacity is less than 200m3.

The liquid storage tank is high in working pressure ( the working pressure of the bottom blowing argon of the ladle at the bottom of the four workshops is 2.0 Mpa ). There is a air choke valve out of the tank, which not only makes the pressure boost in the tank, but also sends out the pressure gas directly. The utility model can be divided into fixed type and transport type. The fixed type is mainly used for the storage of cryogenic liquid, which is installed in the production place, use point or supply station of low temperature liquid. The transport type is used to transport the low temperature liquid from the production or supply station to use point. Generally, there is land transportation and water transport, which is called tanker, trailer and tank ship.

The ordinary pressure powder storage tank is a flat bottom bilayer structure. The inner tank is made of stainless steel, and hull is made of carbon steel. The inner tank is filled with medium. There is a cold reserving space between the inner tank and hull. The inner tank and hull are both flat bottom structure. The inner tank and hull use the foam glass block for thermal isolation. The interlayer uses the perlite for thermal isolation. The hull is equipped with a rotating winding staircase. And the tank top has operating platform and safety guard railing.

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