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The use of stainless steel storage tank, classification and design requirements
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Stainless steel storage tank is a very representative of the stainless steel storage containers, but it is not stored in general solution, but a variety of acid, alkali, salt and other rotting media solution, so oil, chemicals, medicine, food, Light industry and other industries will use this basic stainless steel tank.

The biggest difference between a stainless steel storage tank and other storage containers is its material, precisely because the chosen stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and can be covered with a very thin, dense passivation film on its surface, enhancing its Corrosive medium solution resistance.

Are also stainless steel tanks, but because of the style, installation or use of different, will be divided into different types, for example, according to the style can be divided into small and large horizontal stainless steel tank and vertical stainless steel storage tank; From the installation form can be divided into ground stainless steel tank, outdoor large stainless steel tank, buried stainless steel tank and transport stainless steel tank.

Use of the distinction between the more meticulous, and petroleum stainless steel storage tank, chemical stainless steel storage tank, pharmaceutical stainless steel storage tank, pesticide stainless steel tank, food stainless steel storage tanks, etc. are included, specifically related to which products, then, also Can be further subdivided. It can be seen that the type of stainless steel tank is very numerous, to choose the appropriate paragraph.

In addition, on the stainless steel storage tank capacity, pressure, tank wall thickness and other factors are also based on user requirements and use of the design, but also to meet the various industry management practices. In general, the stainless steel storage tank interface is used in international standard fast chuck type; liner optional material 304,316L or 321, usually also in its inner surface mirror polishing; in addition to the inner wall , The outer surface of the stainless steel storage tank can also be used to deal with sub-matte, mirror, sandblasting or cold-rolled primary color mattress and other ways to be processed.

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