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Thin Film Evaporator Performance Characteristics
- Aug 18, 2017 -

From the market situation, thin film evaporator type and variety, and almost every kind in different industries have been widely used. In fact, thin film evaporator are a kind of evaporator, which is often used in the evaporation of heat-sensitive materials. And now with the technical level of continuous improvement, with its many advantages to win a lot of users love.

Compared with other similar equipment, this thin film evaporator obviously has many advantages, such as its high evaporation intensity. Due to lower the boiling point of the material, it is equivalent to increase the temperature difference with the same heat medium. Coupled with the help of the scratch film, not only can reduce the turbulent state of the liquid film thickness, while also reducing the thermal resistance. Therefore, the total heat transfer coefficient has been improved.

The second major advantage of thin film evaporator is that their vacuum pressure drop is small. It should be noted that, due to the vaporization of the material when the gas from the heating surface to the external condenser will produce a certain process of pressure. In the ordinary type of evaporator, the pressure difference is very obvious. The use of this evaporator can effectively reduce the pressure, vacuum up to 5mmHg.

The third major advantage of thin film evaporator is that the operating temperature is low. In fact, from the above description, we can also understand that in the process of evaporation, can always be maintained at a higher vacuum state. Since the boiling point of the material is reduced, it can also be carried out at a relatively low temperature during the operation, so that the thermal decomposition can be effectively reduced.

Finally, the superiority of thin film evaporator is also reflected in the operation of the process, with greater flexibility. This is the unique performance of the device, but also because of this, it can be in the heat and require a smooth evaporation, high viscosity and other evaporation operations are widely used.

thin film evaporator

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