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U tube heat exchanger structure, function What are the characteristics?
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Many users of U tube heat exchanger does not understand, in fact, it is a shell and tube heat exchanger, generally in the petrochemical industry in the application of more frequent. In this case, U tube heat exchanger heat transfer method is based on the principle of shell and tube heat exchanger, and its advantages are also very prominent, which is U tube heat exchanger is widely used reasons.

U tube heat exchanger

As the U tube heat exchanger tube bundle is free to stretch, so it regardless of the ordinary shell and tube heat exchanger as the temperature difference between the shell will produce thermal stress, which also fully illustrates the U tube heat transfer The thermal compensation performance of the device is very good. And its management for the double tube, so it also has a long process, high flow rate, better heat transfer characteristics. 

In the course of the use of U tube heat exchanger tube bundle can be extracted within the shell, which greatly facilitates the equipment maintenance and cleaning. Because the U tube heat exchanger has only one tube plate, so its structure is very simple, but also makes the cost of equipment cheaper, attracting a lot of users of all ages. 

Because of the light quality, U tube heat exchanger can be used in high temperature and high pressure occasions, in practical applications, the measurement found that U tube heat exchanger discharge condensate temperature is relatively low; and neither leakage loss , Do not need to install the trap, the pipeline system is simple, heat loss is small, indicating that its thermal energy has been fully utilized, there is a significant energy saving effect.

In addition, we also found another feature in the structure of the U tube heat exchanger, that is, its inter-pipe spacing is larger than the distance between the pipe and tube heat exchanger, and the size of each heat exchanger unit And the weight is small, which will be very beneficial for the maintenance of the equipment.

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