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Wastewater Evaporator Characteristics and Installation Requirements
- Aug 19, 2017 -

For the time being, wastewater evaporator has achieved a wide range of applications, its main application in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and light industry and other industries of liquid material evaporation enrichment process. So what do you know about the main features of the wastewater evaporator? What are the requirements when installing? The following look at the specific content, hope to help everyone.

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The first part, the main features of wastewater evaporator introduced:

First of all, in the design and production of wastewater evaporator, the special application of the principle of tube-type external heating, so in practical applications, can significantly shorten the heating time of the material, making the evaporation rate, enrichment ratio increased, and Can keep the original material unchanged.

Second, the use of wastewater evaporator friends should be more understanding of the energy-saving effect of the device is very obvious. Compared to single-acting evaporators, it can save about 70% of the amount of steam. And the device is used in a closed system, to keep the environment clean and comfortable; Third, the equipment and materials in contact with all parts are made of stainless steel, and polished, and therefore less prone to corrosion.

The second part summarizes the installation requirements for wastewater evaporator:

So, in the installation process, what needs to pay attention to what? Usually when the installation of wastewater evaporator, the general is to install the lifting screw hole, then the brass and wire holes together to open off. Behind the two holes are mainly fixed to prevent the hidden dangers.

Need to remind everyone that if we choose to install the way is hoisting, then the installation of the wastewater evaporator inlet can not be directly against the library door. It is best to hang the wastewater evaporator in the cold storage of the innermost position, but also to ensure that its outlet is not facing the door, we can place it in the central position, in order to maintain.

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