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What are the applications of the alcohol recovery tower equipment and how does it work?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The alcohol recovery tower equipment is mainly used for the recovery of dilute alcohol, and it can also be used for the distillation of other products such as methanol. It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, light industry and chemical industry.

The alcohol recovery tower equipment is mainly composed of the tower kettle, tower body, condenser, cooler, buffer tank and high storage tank. And, the internal part which contacts with the material is made of stainless steel material, because this material has good corrosion resistance. On the specific brand, it is the SUS 304 and the SUS 316l. In the rectification column, it used the stainless steel ripple packing.

The alcohol recovery tower equipment uses the principle that the boiling point of alcohol is lower than other solutions', to realize the volatilization of the dilute alcohol. So that after the rectification, the pure alcohol gas can be obtained. It can improve the concentration of alcohol solution, and achieve the purpose of alcohol recovery。

The working process of the alcohol recovery tower equipment: First put the dilute alcohol mother liquor into the tank, and then open the valve to make it enter the heating tower kettle. Then, the steam valve is opened to heat, which evaporates the alcohol and part of the water, and gets the mixture of water and alcohol. When the alcohol in the gas is condensed into liquid, after discharging from the cooler. otherwise, it will back-flow to the tower kettle for further distillation.

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