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A Brief Analysis Of The Factors Of The Bankruptcy Of Some Electric Heating Reaction Kettle
- Jul 18, 2017 -

A brief analysis of the factors of the bankruptcy of some Electric Heating Reaction Kettle

At present, some enterprises of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle have been bankrupt, which has caused some enterprises to go bankrupt.

1. Fight the price war, and you die. Chinese companies like to fight price wars, especially in the manufacturing industry. Some products are priced at a low price, but competitors will push prices lower. Because of the price war and vicious competition, many manufacturing enterprises have low profit margins and have no ability to carry out technological innovation at all. The result can only be a vicious cycle through price reduction to keep market share. In the context of big consumer upgrades and overcapacity, businesses are still churning out and taking the market at a low price.

2. Rising labor costs. Labor costs have risen sharply in recent years, and many manufacturing companies face annual wage pressures of 15% a year, while the price of products has not risen. Most manufacturing companies have scaled back their staff, but they are still not immune to rising costs. And there is a widespread presence of directors who are leading employees to jump ship, which can quickly stop production. Moreover, the labor quality of workers in China has not improved so far. Many "post-90s" young people are unwilling to enter the factory and even see the white-haired old man on the assembly line. The country has long neglected technicians education, disrespecting skilled workers and making the explicit and hidden costs of labor rise sharply.

3. The collateral was killed. In the early days of China's manufacturing industry, many of them were in a village or in a town, and there was a lot of connection between them. Moreover, in the process of doing business, business owners and business owners are involved, and one consequence of this is a mutual guarantee. It was a bit like the battle of the red wall in the battle of the red wall, a ship caught on fire, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle and everyone could not run. In particular, after the four trillion fiscal stimulus plan, drives enterprise bank lending, encourage them to guarantee each other, and the local government to the local economy and employment, let some businesses also use different means to guarantee the troubled firms, the results have been down. In an environment of excess capacity, Banks began to pump out loans, killing some of the companies that were otherwise healthy.

4. Transformation does not delay in time. Electric Heating Reaction Kettle and so on traditional manufacturing overcapacity problem is very serious, some enterprises without timely transformation, so will be in the red sea fierce battles, cannot afford the cost of rising gradually depression, and eventually die. In fact, the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the space is very large. Such as some enterprises to more niche areas of professional development, some companies will abandon low-margin products and focusing on high margin products, China's manufacturing sector of the discrepancy is not the so-called "Internet +", but by technical innovation implementation of import substitution. In this process, the transformation of manufacturing enterprises requires a lot of work. If the external environment deteriorates, the result will be eliminated.

Customer before choosing reaction kettle electric heating equipment to consider himself first to buy the purpose of the reaction kettle equipment and accessories of material, then consider its price, now let's look at the choose and buy the basic requirements of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle in general are as follows: Electric Heating Reaction Kettle, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle

1. In what industry, everyone knows the same reaction kettle, which is different in the chemical industry and the requirements used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Surface treatment is an obvious feature. Prices are naturally different. Electric Heating Reaction Kettle, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle

2. It is the choice of reaction kettle parts. All the accessories on the list should indicate the brand, material, origin, type and quantity. Also noted: for example, the glass tube liquid-level meter shall be changed to digital display level gauge. Let customers know exactly what accessories they are using and can not meet the requirements.

3. Internal pressure, motor and speed. The selection of steel plate thickness and the difference of motor power in Electric Heating Reaction Kettle constitute a considerable proportion in price.