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Application Characteristics And New Development Of EElectric Heating Reaction Kettle
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Application Characteristics and New Development of EElectric Heating Reaction Kettle
      EElectric Heating Reaction Kettle Common reaction kettle with eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle, glass-lined reactor, hydrothermal reactor, bilateral glass reactor, magnetic stirring reactor, steam reactor, eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle. Of course, the most used, but also practical or eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle. EElectric Heating Reaction Kettle by the kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, stirrer, transmission, shaft seal device, support and other components. Materials are generally carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel (Hastelloy, Monel) alloy and other composite materials; according to the reactor manufacturing structure can be divided into open-type flat-type reactor, open-type welded flange Reactor and closed reactor three categories
      EElectric Heating Reaction Kettle has the advantages of rapid heating, high temperature, corrosion resistance, hygienic, no environmental pollution, no need for boiler heating, easy to use and so on. And is widely used in oil, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food and other production users and a variety of research and experimental project research, used to complete the hydrolysis, and crystallization, distillation, evaporation, storage, hydrogenation, Polymerization, polymerization, condensation, heating mixing, constant temperature reaction process of the container.
      The characteristics of the eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle: the use of mirror surface polishing to ensure that no health dead angle, fully enclosed design to ensure that the material is always in a sterile state, the outer surface optional sandblasting, matte, cold rolling primary color treatment; heating cooling: heating Way optional steam, electric heating, heat transfer oil, to meet the acid, alkali, high temperature, abrasion resistance, corrosion and other different working environment needs of the process.
      From the industrial chain, the eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle and eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle upstream and downstream products business is interdependent, competing development of the two industries. Steel production enterprises through the deep processing of steel products, with the downstream enterprises to establish long-term strategic alliance, is conducive to promoting the eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle industry, the development of new varieties, quality improvement and market development, is to extend the value of steel products to the downstream extension, An effective way of market competitiveness. It can be said that the development of eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle boutique project has become China's eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle production enterprises to respond to fierce market competition, improve product competitiveness of the development strategy.
      But compared with the eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle industry developed countries, China's eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle industry system is not perfect, and Japan and South Korea and other eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle production of large countries, there is still a big gap. EElectric Heating Reaction Kettle industry started late, eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle social demand growth is too fast, so that China's eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle industry development first to solve the problem is to quickly improve the production to meet the growing social needs, and gradually replace Entrance, complete the first "variable" and then "qualitative change" of the two-step Pentium. At present, China's eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle industry has completed the development of "quantitative change" of the accumulation process, the current face of "quality" of the transformation.

      After years of development, China's eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle consumption structure, in addition to individual high-end products still rely on the entrance, the low-end products have been basically self-sufficiency, eElectric Heating Reaction Kettle consumption completely rely on the entrance greatly improved the situation, In the rapid expansion.