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Coking Enterprises Get On The Internet Fast Lane
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Touch the "net" is necessary

Lingling Guo, Deputy Secretary General of coking in Shandong province industry association believes that the coking industry, promoting the "Internet +", is to use

Advantages of the Internet to speed up the promotion of traditional industry upgrading and upgrading efficiency and through the integration of development, foster new industries, new

Growth. Shandong provincial coking industry to promote use of "Internet +", on the one hand, developing mobile technical assistance, sharing of information resources

Personal skills improvement platform, set up production companies and design institutes, equipment manufacturers, service providers, suppliers, investors, new business

Docking mode, on the coke enterprises can expand sales through e-commerce platform, the supply and demand sides of the product in time

And space to shorten the distance.

When it comes to guiding the need for transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise tools via the Internet, Coker, President of the Association of China Cui Pijiang believes that

Former industry pressures, lack of support in the technology and products that complement, you need to use mobile Internet outlet to build coking

Industry's new ecology.