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Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Industry Has Entered A New Stage Of Development
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Electric Heating Reaction Kettle industry has entered a new stage of development
China's industrial industry to accelerate the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, to achieve a sustained, chaotic, rapid development, in the protection and promotion of people's health, response to natural catastrophe and public health events, promote economic and social development and so play an important role. In recent years, the scale of China's chemical industry has been expanding, product sales revenue, assets, enterprises and the number of practitioners increased significantly, the industry showed a rapid development of the overall situation.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is commonly used in petrochemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical and other industries to complete processes such as sulfonation, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation, and many other processes of organic dyes and intermediates Of the reaction equipment. To produce automation and continuous replacement of the gap between the manual manipulation, such as the use of program control, can guarantee the production of chaos, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce physical labor, but also to eliminate environmental pollution.
   Electric Heating Reaction Kettle equipment is the chemical machinery and equipment industry in the development process is very important link, the development space is also very broad. It firmly grasp the favorable opportunity for development, entered a new stage of development.
   Laboratory Electric Heating Reaction Kettle should always pay attention to the entire laboratory Electric Heating Reaction Kettle equipment and reducer work, laboratory Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Reducer lubricants should be immediately added, electric heating medium oil to be replaced every six months, For the safety of the upper parts of the jacket and the lid, the pressure gauge, the distillation hole, the electric bar, the electrical instrument, etc. should be checked regularly. If there is a fault, it is necessary to exchange or repair it immediately. With warm water in the container inside and outside the wall full cleaning, often scrub the pot body, keep the appearance of clean and bold interior, to achieve the purpose of durability.
 Laboratory Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food science and technology. It is used to complete the process of vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization and condensation, and organic dyes and intermediates And many other processes of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle equipment.
    1) can be customized according to customer requirements Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Anchored, pulverized, pot-type, push-type or box-type agitated form, as well as different forms of mixing Electric Heating Reaction Kettle combination.
    2) can be customized according to customer requirements of various types of heat exchangers, including jacket, coil, electric heating, steam heating, heat oil heating.
    3) Optional explosion-proof performance, sealing performance, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle internal pressure or negative pressure and other types of configuration Electric Heating Reaction Kettle.
    4) Due to the large number of design, manufacture and sale of non - standard mixing kettle, has accumulated a wealth of industry experience, customer needs more understanding of the number of openings, specifications or other requirements, according to user requirements alone design, processing production.
 Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Material Impact Quality, Base Material Unqualified Final Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Quality Sure.
    In order to reduce the cost of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle, some manufacturers of embryos using Q235 steel substitute, a direct result of steel carbon and sulfur in the burning process gasification, so that the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle layer and the substrate, enamel layer to form a large number of bubbles inside Electric Heating Reaction Kettle combined strength reduction. Electric Heating Reaction Kettle layer of hot and cold emergency, very easy to porcelain. So Electric Heating Reaction Kettle choose to use carbon, low sulfur steel embryo body to prevent the explosion of porcelain.
    Some Electric Heating Reaction Kettle manufacturers production environment is simple, rust and dust can not meet the standard, resulting in the bottom glaze and the matrix is not good. And some reduce the number of baking, increase the thickness of each layer, so that the internal force is too large, affecting the life of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle. So the manufacturing process in strict accordance with the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle.