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Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Must Be Done After The Purchase Of 4:00 To Prepare
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Electric Heating Reaction Kettle must be done after the purchase of 4:00 to prepare
After the purchase of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle to do the necessary preparations: Electric Heating Reaction Kettle main issues are pit, pool construction, procurement of air compressor cold and dry machine, ready to power and cable. At the same time to make arrangements for the lifting of the work.
① pit construction should pay attention to the base in the same level, the base load is very large, generally to dig more than 1.4 meters, pouring the base from the bottom 1 meter high, the best conditions to join some steel, pool 1.8 meters Deep, pay attention to the angle to do anti-seepage treatment.
② According to the volume of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle to configure the air compressor cold and dry machine, pay attention to procurement with remote automatic control of the air compressor.
③ According to the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle sandwich line specification power to configure the distribution cabinet and cable to ensure that the cable access equipment control cabinet;
④ Electric Heating Reaction Kettle hoisting to choose lifting weight for the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle weight 1.5 times more than the crane.If the workshop can not crane operation, unloaded in the workshop door by the large transport company professional body handling in place in the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Bit to do before and after the midpoint of the base and Electric Heating Reaction Kettle before and after the midpoint of the base alignment.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is usually used for the reaction of materials, stirring, distillation, cooling, mixing, alkylation, curing, nitrification, polymerization, condensation, etc. There are stainless steel, carbon steel, composite materials, glass-lined materials; Atmospheric pressure reactor and pressure reactor two cases, so the use of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle must understand the conditions of use and precautions.
Reactor use conditions
1. Maximum working pressure: the pressure inside the pot ≤ the rated pressure of the pot; jacket pressure ≤ the pot jacket rated pressure;
2. Maximum operating temperature: the design of the use of temperature range;
3. Check the relevant opening and closing of the valve, such as closing the end of the valve, open the cooling water valve.
4. Use media: Design the use of media range;
5. Reducer lubricants: summer 50 # oil, winter 20 # 30 # oil; oil level control in the mirror 1 / 3-2 / 3.
Precautions before use
1. Should check all safety accessories such as: thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve, bursts and other safety accessories are intact;
2. Check the material valve, process pipeline valve is in the required position, the valve is intact; access port is leaked, sealed.
3. Whether the reducer, mechanical seal and other oil and oil level meet the requirements.
The Electric Heating Reaction Kettle has the characteristics of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygienic, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic heating of the boiler, easy to use, etc. The heating oil inside the jacket is heated by the electric heating rod, The temperature, and then the temperature control device to control the electric heating to help the period of constant temperature. Is the absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of the successful development of new products, widely used in medicine, chemicals, food, natural spices, food additives , Light industry and other industries.
The composition of the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle consists of the kettle body, the upper and lower ends, the original heat exchanger, the inner part, the stirring system and the control system.The stirring and sealing of the electric heating kettle are more complicated and important in the production The material of the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is determined according to the technical requirements, such as the material situation, the pressure condition and other standards used in the application industry.