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Electric Heating Stainless Steel Reaction Kettle Production And Use Of The Field
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Electric heating reaction kettle in the process of using a rapid heating, health, corrosion resistance and high temperature characteristics,electric heating reactor in the run without the need for automatic heating of the boiler, the equipment in the use of the process is very convenient features.

Electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle is widely used in rubber, pesticide, medicine, food, hydrogenation, alkylation, petroleum, chemical and other processes, in the production is to participate in the total mass of reactants as the main premise, the equipment for heating and cooling of the gas absorption and other physical changes in the process need to use its mixing device to get good results.

The kettle cover of the electric heating stainless steel reactor is mainly made by stainless steel. The kettle body is connected by its thread and flange. The kettle cover of the equipment is a flat plate cover, The main bolt, nut fastening connection.

Stainless steel electric heating reactor in the drive before feeding must first open the reaction kettle stirrer, equipment in the absence of noise and normal circumstances, the effective addition of its material to the reactor, the number of feeding is not more than its process requirements, Before opening the steam valve, first open the return valve, after the inlet valve.

Electric heating stainless steel reactor should be slow when opening its steam valve, which will allow it to preheat the jacket and then gradually boost it so that the pressure inside the jacket is not allowed to exceed its specified value. Valves and cooling valves can not be started at the same time.

Electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle in the process of cleaning can not use alkaline water brush not to damage the enamel. After the reactor stops stirring, turn off the power and turn off the various valves. Shovel pot must cut off the mixer power supply, hanging warning signs, and set the guardianship.


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