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Extraction Principle Of Multi-function Extraction Tank
- May 20, 2017 -

Multi-function extraction tank is commonly used in medicine and chemical leaching extraction equipment, the equipment is more suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, food, chemical industry, atmospheric pressure, micro pressure, decoction, warm dip, heat reflux, forced circulation leakage, Oil extraction and organic solvent recovery and other process operations. The equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient operation and the like. The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning system, in line with GMP pharmaceutical standards.

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Extraction Principle Of Multi-functional Extracting Tank

(1) Water extraction: water and Chinese medicine into the extraction tank, began to the sandwich heat, the tank after boiling to reduce the supply of heat, keep the tank boiling can be maintained time depends on the extraction of pharmacological processes, such as closed extraction to need cooled Water, so that the steam vapor cooling back to the extraction tank, keep the cycle and temperature.

(2) Alcohol extraction: Add the medicine and alcohol to the tank must be closed, to the sandwich heat source steam, open the cooling water to reduce the supply heat source when the tank reaches the required temperature, so that the rise of volatile alcohol through the condenser after the liquid alcohol can be reflux, In order to improve efficiency, pump can be forced to cycle, so that the liquid from the lower part of the tank through the pump out of the upper part of the tank back into the tank, to remove the local flow.

(3) Oil extraction: first the extraction of oil containing volatile oil of Chinese medicine and water into the extracting tank, open the circulation valve of the oil separator, adjust the bypass return valve, open to the heat source valve to reach the volatile temperature to open the cooling water to cool, the cooled liquid should be kept at a certain height in the separator to separate it, and then use the oil and water separator rotation

(4) recovery of olein: the alcohol added to the tank, to open the cooling water to the steam, and then open the recovery valve can be.

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