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FBH Description
- Jan 19, 2017 -

First, an overview

FBH series next plug flat bags dust collector is a by box backward wind, and side row wind, and outside filter, and high pressure anti-blow clear gray of flat shaped bags type dust collector, it applies Yu the industry of non-corrosion sex, and non-viscous, and non-fiber sex dust of containing dust gas of dust purification or useful material of recycling, is a efficiency high, and energy-saving province source, and performance excellent of bags type dust equipment.

Insert flat bag filter in order to meet user requirements to reduce the height to suit the dispersed dust such as bin top, top, kudi and material transportation equipment dust purification or recovery of items of economic value, is widely used.

Second, characteristics

1, the device is divided into single or double unit combinations, envelope-style flat bags, reasonable structure, compact, can be achieved outside the box to change bags.

2, lab rotation switch, stop winds blowing ash.

3, positioning back blowing, centrifugal cleaning three State.

4, multi-function selection: explosion-proof, antistatic, oilproof and waterproof.

Third, the principle

Dust from the air inlet into the filter Chamber, separated by baffle plate and spread coarse particles into the ash bucket, dust filter bags filter dust detention outside the filter bag, cleaning air bags to the net via gas chamber, after the outlet by the fan to the atmosphere, dust the screw conveyor discharge.