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FD-series Manual
- Jan 19, 2017 -

First, equipment overview

Coal is gasified, and the raw gas contains many impurities, such as tar, dirt, water and hydrogen sulfide. Because of the existence of these impurities, gas compression, transmission, desulphurization, naphthalene and gas as raw materials or products will have a very serious impact on the quality of fuels, gas cleaning is an essential component of the gas-making process.

Gas purification, can be roughly divided into rough cleaning, half precision cleaning and precision cleaning. Rough cleaning common standpipe as primary cooling and dedusting, dust removing efficiency of this water washing equipment for cent, and characteristically decoking efficiency only; more than half precision purifying by cyclone. Make sure the dust (coke) high purity gas under 0.001-0.1g/Nm ³, you must use precision cleaning. Honeycomb electric tar precipitator efficiency of dust (coke) equipment.

Honeycomb electric tar precipitator by high voltage electrostatic principle, gas and dust and tar matte charged to precipitate a very directional move, so as to achieve the objective of Coke dust removal. It has structure compact, and maintenance convenient, and accounted for to area small, and should be and layout, and power consumption low (0.5 degrees/1000m ³) dust (coke) efficiency high (is greater than 98%), features, can widely to application Yu occurred furnace gas, and coke oven gas, and water gas, and half water gas of precision purification, is metallurgical, and chemical, and ceramic, and coking factory, and gas station, industry in the will selected of ideal gas dust (coke) equipment.