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Fluidized Bed Reaction Kinetics Of Micro Fluidized Bed Process Project Analyzer Developed
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Xu guangwen researcher at 2009 process engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the auspices of major scientific research equipment development project "micro-Analyzer developed fluidized bed reaction kinetics" checked.

Chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, materials, environment and other areas involving large numbers of gas-solid reactions, usually through thermogravimetric Analyzer to test their reaction, derivation of kinetic parameters. However, thermogravimetric analysis cannot be supplied online solid reactants, heat up slowly, seriously affected by gas diffusion. Therefore, Xu guangwen researchers in 2006, the use of micro-kinetics of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor test ideas in order to overcome the above shortcomings of thermogravimetric analysis method by detecting typical of the reaction gas composition changes with time, test the temperature of any gas-solid reaction speed, analysis of reaction kinetics.