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High sales volume Air heat exchanger
- Mar 24, 2017 -

Air heat exchanger Basic Info

  • Principle: Mixing Heat Exchanger

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Structure Material: Metal Material

  • Recuperative Heat Exchanger Type: Tube Type Heat Exchanger

  • Core: Stainless

  • Origin: China

  • Application: Heater, Cooler

  • Heat Exchanger: Fin Tube

  • Type: Stainless Steel Heating Equipment

  • Mixing Heat Exchanger Type: Cooling Tower

  • Heat Transfer Surface: Tubular Heat Exchanger

  • Trademark: Hengnuo

  • Specification: Carbon steel Or stainless

Product Description

Air heat exchanger can be divided into air heater and air cooler. 

Air heater has several forms including electric heating, steam heating, and oil heating etc.

Air cooling machine, with the environment air as the cooling medium, is the equipment to cool or condensate the process fluid with high temperature in the tube. It is called "air cooler" for short, and is also called "air cooling heat exchanger". Air cooler can be also called as fin blower that is often used to replace the cooling medium of water-cooling shell-tube heat exchanger.

Types of air cooler:

 Sorted according to ventilation mode:

1. Blowing-type: Tube banks lie in the exhaust side of the blower

2. Draught fan: Tube banks lie in the inlet side of the blower

Sorted according to the installation and placing modes of the tube banks:

1. Horizontal type:  Horizontally place the tube banks

2. Inclined type: Inclinedly place the two tube banks with the horizontal plane in 60°dip angle

3. Vertical type: The tube banks are vertically placed on both sides of the structure. It is often used by the driving blower of the  natural gas engine.

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