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High speed Stainless steel Reaction Kettle
- Mar 24, 2017 -

Reaction Kettle Basic Info

  • Model NO.: reaction kettle

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Pressure: Positive

  • Tower Reactor Type: Packed Tower Reactor

  • Heat Transfer Structure: Jacketed

  • Condition: New

  • Reactor Diameter: 500~1500mm

  • Mixing Speed: 20~3600rpm Optional

  • Trademark: Ranking

  • Specification: 50~5000Liter

  • Type: Reaction Kettle

  • Capacity: 501-1000L

  • Agitator Model: Scattered Disc Agitator

  • Heating: Outside (Inside) Coil Heating

  • Automatic Grade: Manual

  • Contact Part: Ss316L / Ss304

  • Working Pressure: 1~14bar

  • Drainage Type: Pneumatic Valce

  • Origin: Wuxi China

200~1000 liter stainless steel reaction kettle chemical reactor tank reactor 
More details
1. Interior wall diameter and thicknessThis reactor is a tri-wall structure one, interior wall is made of stainless steel 304, with 8mm wall thickness. This interior wall has a diameter of 1400mm.
2. Jacketed diameter and thicknessOutside the interior wall, there is a jacket wall which is made of carbon steel Q235. This jacket diameter is 1500mm and thickness is 6mm.
3. Heating elements positionIn the space between the interior wall and the jacket, 15pcs electric heating elements, 4kw each, was installed vertically.
4. Controller for the heating elementsThis 15pcs heating elements will be controlled by 3 push buttons. Each push button will control 4pcs, 5pcs and 6pcs heating elements respectively. That means you can use 16kw, 20kw, 24kw separately for heating. Also, you can use 16kw and 20kw together, 16kw and 24kw together or 20 kw and 24kw together. You can also use all the 15pcs heating elements at the same time which makes 60kw in total.
5. Heating medium Thermal oil should be feed to the jacket before heating. The jacket has a capacity of 330Liter in total. The minimum oil level should be 100mm higher than the heating elements' top edge. Oil inlet is DN40 raised-face flange. It is about 38mm diameter.
6. Exterior wall diameter and thicknessThe exterior wall of this reactor is made of SS304 with 3mm wall thickness. This exterior wall diameter is 1600mm.
7. Dish end / top of the reactorThe top structure of the reactor is torispherical head, we usually call it a dish head. The bottom of the reactor also use the same dish head. The thickness of the interior dish head are both 8mm, the same thickness as the interior wall.
8. Water inlet holesIn the dish top, we have
  • a 38mm diameter hole as water inlet

  • a 25mm diameter safety valve

  • a 25mm diameter vent to release the extra pressure in the tank

  • a sight glass with 125mm diameter

  • a sight light with 100 mm diameter

9. motor and mixing speedon the dish top, there is a mixing motor which is 7.5kw, use 220V 60Hz 3phase electric power supply. The speed is 100rpm. Mechanical sealing being used to seal the tank and the shaft.
10. Manway on dish topThere is an manhole on the dish top, beside the motor.
11. Insulation material50mm rock wool insulation material will be inserted to the space between jacket and exterior wall.
12. Discharge valve and oil outlet pipeThere is a 89mm diameter discharge valve at the tank bottom. This valve use pneumatic control. It is a mushroom type valve. No liquid will be hold on the drainage pipe after drainage.
Beside the discharge valve, there is a 38mm diameter flange pipe act as oil discharge pipe. Before you feed oil in the oil jacket, never forget to close this pipe.

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