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How Can We Ensure That Slicing Machine Seamless Steel Wire Rope Is Not Broken?
- Oct 11, 2017 -

If it is Slicing Machine seamless steel wire rope part of the broken, broken wire is usually three or more than three broken lines, should also allow professional personnel on the Slicing Machine wire rope to observe. If the corrosion of the equipment is found, the strength of the seamless steel wire rope ring of the Slicing Machine may be reduced. Our staff should stop using it immediately and require a thorough review of the Slicing Machine. We have been checking for a few years ago Recommended 35W * K7 / 28mm as Slicing Machine wire rope of choice, so as to ensure that Slicing Machine seamless steel wire rope will not be broken.
Slicing Machine wire rope and Slicing Machine wire rope between the relationship is very close, Slicing Machine wire rope is widely used in Slicing Machine lifting operations.
1, in the use of Slicing Machine wire rope in the process, the need to tighten the U-bolt products, Slicing Machine wire inside the need to divide to 1/3 degrees. Due to the deformation in the pressing process, we also need to tighten again in the process of Slicing Machine's wire rope force, which can also ensure the robustness of the joint.
2, when we fix the end of the wire rope at Slicing Machine, we have two options to use and fix them. One is through the double knot method to fix the Slicing Machine wire rope, the other is through the single knot method to fix the Slicing Machine wire rope.
In order to make the operation of the equipment more normal in the use of Slicing Machine's seamless steel wire rope, it is necessary for the staff to evaluate the Slicing Machine's seamless steel wire rope products for timely analysis and processing. If the length of the seamless steel wire rope of Slicing Machine is greater than that of wire breakage, the number of broken lines has exceeded 5%, then we should stop using Slicing Machine's seamless steel wire rope and should also allow professionals to carry on the seamless steel wire rope of Slicing Machine Comprehensive check.
Construction units and individuals must be reminded that it is important to note that Slicing Machine wire rope is: Slicing Machine wire rope every turn, we must check the drum, check the edge of the drum groove, due to Slicing Machine wire rope long-term wear, the edge of the drum groove will be formed Acute angle, this angle will cut the Slicing Machine gold wire rope, there may be cut off the Slicing Machine wire rope, causing the accident. When the drum wears severely, the spool must be replaced, and when the edge of the groove looks sharp, the edge must be sharpened. The builder must pay close attention to the stress condition of the wire rope of the Slicing Machine, and any part or splitting or rupture of the Slicing Machine wire rope must be vigilant.
When the circuit of the Slicing Machine is cut off by the relay, the ion in the Slicing Machine circuit is detrimental to the relay. In practice, the Slicing Machine relays extend the arc and increase the corrosion of the contacts. Tests show that Slicing Machine's vacuum contact relays are more suitable for Slicing Machine circuit power cuts because it can suppress the arc in the circuit, that is, we say that it has the effect of arc extinguishing. Arc suppression reduces the corrosion of the Slicing Machine and extends the life of the Slicing Machine. The contact resistance of the conventional Slicing Machine relays varies with the number of times of use, but the contact resistance of the Slicing Machine's vacuum relay is constant and the resistance is low, and the contact is silver plated to improve the aerosol of the Slicing Machine The stability of the relay reduces the resistance at the time of contact.
Slicing machine relay contact group, usually with three contacts, the middle of the movable state of the contacts, above and below each have a static contact. When the coil of the contact relay of the Slicing Machine is not energized, the movable contact and the static contact are disconnected. Another closed coil in the Slicing Machine is electrically and the movable contact is movable. The opening will be closed, the original closed will be broken, Slicing Machine in the state of the circuit will be reversed, so as to achieve the purpose of conversion. This interchange group in Slicing Machine is also known as the conversion function of Slicing Machine relays. Use the voice prefix "Z" to indicate the word "go". In addition, the relay in the Slicing Machine can also have one or more contact groups, but these three forms in the Slicing Machine do not interfere with each other.