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How Does The Reaction Kettle Be Serviced?
- Jun 30, 2017 -

How does the Reaction Kettle be serviced?
(1) installation: the Reaction Kettle should be installed in the explosion-proof requirements of the high-pressure operating room, equipped with multiple Reaction Kettles should be placed separately, each between the application of a safe explosion-proof wall separated, each operating room should be There are channels and outlets leading to the outside, when the presence of explosive media should ensure that the equipment is well ventilated.
(2) After unpacking the equipment, Reaction Kettle check the equipment for damage, according to the equipment model according to the structure of the equipment will be installed, the spare parts in accordance with the packing list to clear. Heating method If the heating oil is heated, Reaction Kettle please follow the use of temperature to buy the appropriate model of the heat transfer oil (Note: the heat transfer oil is absolutely not allowed to contain water) to join, when the upper part of the jacket to open the mouth and the jacket in the upper part of the oil Mouth open, through the fuel tank to the oil tank to the oil when the oil can be, after the oil port die, do not die to avoid pressure to produce pressure.
(3) kettle body, Reaction Kettle cover installation and sealing: kettle body and kettle cover with gasket or cone surface with the circular surface of the line, by tightening the main nut so that they are pressed against each other to achieve a good sealing effect, tighten the nut Must be diagonally symmetrical multi-step afterburner tightening, force evenly, does not allow the kettle cover to the side of the tilt, in order to achieve a good sealing effect, tighten the main nut should not exceed the provisions of the tightening torque 40 ~ 120N.M range, to prevent sealing The surface is crushed or overloaded, the sealing surface should be particularly care, before each installation with a relatively soft paper or cloth to clean up and down the sealing surface, with particular attention to the kettle body, kettle cover surface hit scar, if Reasonable operation can be used for more than 10,000 times, the sealing surface damage, the need to re-repair can be achieved in order to achieve good sealing performance, remove the kettle cover should be slowly lifted up and down the kettle cover to prevent the kettle body and the lid between the sealing surface Collide with each other. If the seal is a gasket seal (PTFE, aluminum pad, copper pad, asbestos pad, etc.), by tightening the main nut will be able to achieve a good sealing effect.
(4) the installation of valves, pressure gauges, safety valves by tightening the positive and negative nut, that is, to achieve the effect of sealing, connecting the two arc sealing surface shall not be relative to the rotation of all screw connectors in the assembly, must be coated with lubricant or Oil to reconcile the graphite, so as not to kill. The use of the valve: Reaction Kettle needle valve line seal, just gently turn the valve needle, pressing the sealing surface that can achieve good sealing performance, prohibit excessive force, so as not to damage the sealing surface.
(5) After the equipment is installed, enter a certain amount of nitrogen for 30 minutes to check for leaks. If there is a leak, please use the soap filter to find the pipe, the nozzle leak, find out the gas tightening, Pass nitrogen pressure test to ensure that no leakage began to work properly.
(6) when the cooling cooling, the water can be cooled by the cooling coil, to prohibit the speed of cold, to prevent excessive temperature stress, resulting in cooling coil, kettle body cracks. Work when the kettle temperature exceeds 100 ℃, the magnetic stirrer and kettle cover water jacket should be through the cooling water to ensure that the water temperature is less than 35 ℃, so as not to magnet demagnetization.
(7) safety devices: the use of orthodontic metal bursts, made of stainless steel, according to national standards GB567-89 "arched metal blasting technical conditions" manufacturing, the factory has been tested, not free to adjust. If it has been blasting, Reaction Kettle need to be replaced, the replacement period by the use of units according to the actual situation of the unit to determine the blasting pressure exceeds the bursting pressure and not blasting should be replaced, often use the best not more than 80% of the lower limit pressure, Replacement should pay attention to the rupture of the convex surface up.
(8) after the completion of the reaction, the first cooling cooling, and then the kettle gas through the pipeline discharged to the outside, so that the pressure inside the kettle to normal pressure, is strictly prohibited with the demolition, and then the main bolt, nut symmetrically released Remove, and then carefully remove the lid (or raise the lid) on the bracket, the unloading process should pay special attention to protect the sealing surface.
(9) the cleaning of the kettle: the completion of each operation with the cleaning solution (the use of cleaning fluid should be careful to avoid corrosion of the main material) to remove the kettle body and sealing surface residues should be cleaned and kept clean, not allowed to use hard Material or surface rough items for cleaning.