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How To Guard Against The Safety Hazards Of Heat Exchanger
- Nov 02, 2017 -

How to guard against the safety hazards of Heat Exchanger
The biggest role of Heat Exchanger is to achieve the process of raw materials such as poly, to meet the raw material production process, to achieve the desired production. However, it should be noted that the need to regulate the operation, if the use of Heat Exchanger, the operation of the wrong steps will cause damage, affecting production. Here we briefly understand the use of Heat Exchanger considerations.
First, in strict accordance with the system operation
Strictly regulate the system operation, which is the most basic requirements of the operation. Before operating the Heat Exchanger, you should understand the standard operating system for the equipment. Although the equipment specification to provide regulatory information is not very detailed, but some must comply with the system must be done in order to ensure the safety of equipment operation.
Second, before the operation check
Before operating the Heat Exchanger, check to see if the device has any abnormality. If the equipment in normal operation, must not cover and touch the board to open, so as to avoid electric shock phenomenon. In the operation of the time is strictly prohibited with the pressure operation, so that not only damage the equipment, while a security risk. In the process of nitrogen pressure test, we should pay attention to its changes, so as not to pressure is too high.
Third, pay attention to observation
When operating the Heat Exchanger, pay attention to observation, observe each operation step. Especially when the Heat Exchanger to a certain stability, do not and kettle body contact, so as not to burn. After the completion of the experiment, the first to be cooling treatment, waiting for the temperature cooling, so as not to cause damage to the equipment caused by high temperature, in addition to timely unplug the power.
Fourth, pay attention to maintenance
Equipment operation should not only pay attention to the operation process, but also pay attention to equipment maintenance. Equipment maintenance is not easy, only learned to maintain, in order to make the device to play its better performance, while extending equipment life, and vice versa will seriously affect the operating performance of the equipment.
The Heat Exchanger is a glass containing high silica, lining the inner surface of a steel container and being firmly adhered to the metal surface by high temperature burning to become a composite material. Therefore, it has the glass stability and metal strength of the dual advantages, is an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment. Is working in the harsh environment of high temperature, it needs to be rigorous operation, the following will give you a description of the Heat Exchanger after the end of the operation:
1, according to the operating procedures to deal with the Heat Exchanger material after the stop mixing, and check, cleaning the relevant pipeline and equipment;
2, the Heat Exchanger residue washed, can not be washed with alkaline water enamel pot, can not use acidic solution flush stainless steel kettle;
3, strict implementation of the shift management system, the Heat Exchanger operation and the integrity of the case included in the shift.
The Heat Exchanger is a comprehensive reaction vessel, according to the reaction conditions for the design of the Heat Exchanger structure and configuration accessories. Here, the Heat Exchanger manufacturer to give you a brief introduction to the Heat Exchanger design principles, I hope to help you.
1, the Heat Exchanger design principle is the temperature control system jacket with the Heat Exchanger surrounded, and set up to connect the steam generation device of the steam control valve and cooling water connected to the cooling water control valve;
2, through the temperature measurement device within the Heat Exchanger and jacket within the real-time temperature, temperature control device using temperature control method to control the temperature inside the jacket, and ultimately control the Heat Exchanger temperature;
3, when the measured temperature of the temperature measurement device is lower than the set value, open the steam control valve, heating jacket internal water temperature, enhance the Heat Exchanger material temperature.