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How To Prevent The Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Welding Process Cracks
- Oct 20, 2017 -

How to prevent the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle welding process cracks
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle welding process and specifications, the use of high current, rapid welding, single-layer welding, straight line forward, etc., easily lead to welding stress process measures will lead to hot cracks. Therefore, when conditions permit, should try to use a small current, multi-layer welding, in order to reduce the tendency of hot cracks. Welding structure of the larger stiffness of the workpiece, often used preheating method.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle preheating on the one hand can reduce the cooling rate, slow down the tensile stress generated in the cooling process, on the other hand can also improve the crystallization conditions, reduce the chemical and physical heterogeneity. The preheating temperature depends on the chemical composition and the structural stiffness of the steel. The higher the carbon content of steel, the more alloying elements, the greater the work stiffness, the higher the preheating temperature is required.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle due to high operating pressure, the pressure inside the tank is generated by the chemical reaction or by the temperature rise, the pressure fluctuations, and sometimes unstable operation, the sudden increase in pressure may exceed the normal pressure several times, so , Most of the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is a pressure vessel, to strictly prevent the occurrence of cracks.
Effective on the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle speed control can make it better run, the design is how to do it.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle coupling is mainly composed of strong internal and external magnetic ring combination, but the middle with a pressure of the spacer device; and the stirrer is the servo motor using the coupling to drive, Servo motor in the speed of effective control, and finally to the speed of mixing the purpose of uniform; because the spacer will be installed on the speed of the coil, when the body of the stirrer and the magnetic ring in the rotation, the speed of the coil It will produce a large number of induced electromotive force, and these electromotive force and stirring speed is corresponding to each other, when the potential directly to the speed of the surface when the speed can be reflected in the stirring.
On the circuit of electronic components, are basically installed in the same block circuit board, using a double closed control system, with a good stability and anti-interference ability, but also has a limited speed and Overcurrent and other protection functions, effectively achieved the effect of mixing control.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is now the most popular, but also the most widely used chemical equipment, it is very convenient to clean up, the maintenance process is more convenient, so the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle has become a lot of business First choice.
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle parameters are different, then the price is certainly not the same. The general Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is composed of the lid, the pot body, the agitator, etc., is very suitable for the material to mix, stir, and so on. Generally before the use of the first Electric Heating Reaction Kettle to check some of the devices, such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc., but also to check whether the pipeline leak. In the solid material processing, be sure to operate carefully, so as not to damage the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle kettle wall.
And now the market which the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle offer are also different, and its price is mainly based on the size of the Electric Heating Reaction Kettle, parameters, etc. set. With the development of modern society, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle in the current society which occupied the position is more and more important, many areas are also need Electric Heating Reaction Kettle, which in the chemical industry, oil and so on some areas, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle has become an indispensable part of the. There are many factors to determine the price of electric heating kettle, mainly volume, material, pressure is the main project, there are some other special needs of their own.