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How To Use The Multi-function Extraction Tank Correctly
- May 17, 2017 -

Multi-function extraction tank is suitable for many industries, but it is mainly used in Chinese herbal medicine, animal, food, herbal medicine and fine chemical industry.Pressure, pouring, forced circulation, heat reflux, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recovery process. It has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient operation and the like. Equipment in the manufacturing process using advanced sealing method, heating, refluxing method to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP specifications, is currently widely used in domestic and foreign pharmaceutical production equipment.

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The methods and steps of using multi - function extraction tank

1. The equipment adopts multi cylinder safety door, and advanced sealing technology can make the equipment run safely and reliably under normal pressure, negative pressure, positive pressure and other conditions.

2. Complete sets of equipment supply include: demister, condenser, cooler, oil-water separator, filter, cylinder console and other accessories.

3. The slag discharging door has a bottom heating function, so that the medicine in the pot can be heated evenly and can be fully extracted.

4. Multi-function extraction tank belongs to pressure vessel, and provides the Quality Supervision Bureau Inspection certificate.

5. High heat exchange area, an effective solution to defoaming foam. The solvent recovery, volatile oil separation has a good effect. The tank is equipped with CIP rotary cleaning ball, temperature measuring instrument, explosion-proof spotlight, sight glass, quick-opening feeding door, etc., to ensure easy operation, safe, and fully in line with GMP standards.

6. According to the form is divided into straight conical extracting tank, oblique cone extracting tank, inverted cone extracting tank, mushroom shape extracting tank, straight cylindrical extracting tank, the user can choose according to need.


1. Be sure to find regular manufacturers to order;

2. Meet the GMP standard

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